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My research interests are, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Feminist HCI, Internet of Things (IoT), Remote Healthcare Service Designs and Cloud Computing.

In my research works, I try to focus on solving problems around the society and design for underprivileged people and those who are still struggling to cope up with the developing technology interventions.




2021- Present

North Dakota State University

Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student
Computer Science Department
Advisor: Dr. Jen Juan Li
Research Area: Cloud Computing, Remote Healthcare Systems, Human Centered Computing

January, 2021- July, 2021

North South University

Research Scientist
Project: 'Alor-AkashIntersection of Gender and Technology in Bangladesh funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation'

January, 2019- February, 2021

North South University

Research Assistant
Advisor: Dr. Nova Ahmed
Worked on severel projects focusing Human-Centered Designing, Qualitative Research Design and Analysis, etc.

January, 2020- June, 2020

BRAC University

Research Assistant (Contractual)
Advisor: Dr. Nova Ahmed
Worked on designing an interactive Crowdsourcing platform to enhance the lifestyle of Bangladeshi Garments workers.

September. 2014- August, 2019

North South University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering.
Advisors: Tamanna Motahar, Dr. Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan
Junior Project Design: Explore and Design towards Improving the Mental Health Crisis among Female Rohingya Refugees
Senior Project Design (Capstone Project): Underwater Research and Rescue Robot

Featured Project

Stories Beneath Needle:

Understanding Ready Made Garment Workers of Bangladesh

Team: Rahat Jahangir Rony, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Nova Ahmed

In Bangladesh, around 4 million garment workers are working in more than five thousand garment factories all around the country. Most of the factories are situated in Dhakaand Chittagong divisions in Bangladesh along with the membership of BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exports Association) and BKMEA (Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers and Exports Association). Among these garments, there are compliant garments that follow the code of conduct of workers’ rights, and the rest of them are non-compliant garments that often violate the code of conduct of workers’ rights. In this particular scenario, workers’ have different experiences in their workplaces, which has significant impacts on their lifestyle.

Our study explored to understand garments workers' lifestyles briefly, through conducting qualitative interviews with 55 garment workers (32 workers were female and 23 workers were male) from 40 different garments in 6 different groups. We identified the challenges and qualities of workers' daily life, and suggest a possible tool that might make their life easy and better.

Stories of RMG Workers

“ I don’t want to destroy my daughter’s life. She goes to a kindergarten school. She is really good at English and Mathematics. I want her to be a doctor ”Female Worker, Ashulia

3 Area
40 Factories
55 Participants


Human- Centered Research Tools

Qualitative Research Design and Analysis

Participant and Non- Participant Observations


Focused Groups


Case Studies

Field Studies

Data Transcription and Analysis (Open Coding)

Usability Testing

Graphic and UI Designing Tools

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign


Adobe XD


Technical Skills

Programming (C/C++, Java)

Web Development Tools (Java Script, HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Visual Studio)

Microsoft Tools (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)


Soft Skills

➥ Leadership

➥ Communication and Networking

➥ Responsible

➥ Team Work

➥ Critical and Creative Thinking

➥ Problem Solving

➥ Public Speaking


★ Bangla: Native Speaker

★ English: Professional

★ French: Basic Proficiency



  • Nova Ahmed, Rahat Jahangir Rony, and Kimia Tuz Zaman. “Social Distancing Challenges for Marginal Communities during COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh”. Journal of Biomedical AnalyticsVol. 3, No. 2 (2020), pp. 5–14. doi:10.30577/jba.v3i2.45. 2020. Find out more.

Conference Proceedings

  • Maryam Mustafa, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Tallal Ahmad, Amna Batool, Masitah Gazali, Nova Ahmed. "Religion and Women’s Intimate Health: Towards an Inclusive Approach to Healthcare" Proceedings of 2021 ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2021)- Online, 2021 Find out more.

  • Kimia Tuz Zaman, Wordh Ul Hasan, Lubaba Bazlul, Tamanna Motahar, Nova Ahmed. "Exploring Challenges and Solution Approaches Regarding Wellbeing of Female Rohingya Community in Bangladesh" Proceedings of IEEE Region 10 Conference 2019 (TENCON), Kerala, India, 2019. Find out more.

  • Kimia Tuz Zaman, Wordh Ul Hasan, Monsur Hillas, Abdullah Al Mahfuj Shaan, Khan Afnan Rahad. "IOT Based Question Paper Delivery Box: A Solution towards Preventing Question Paper Leakage in Public Exams of Bangladesh". Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Application (ICSIMA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2019. Find out more.

  • Nova Ahmed, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Farzana Islam. “Cooperative Deployment of Shonabondhu”.Proceedings of Asian CHI Symposium 2019: Emerging HCI Research Collection, Glasgow, UK, May 2019. Find out more.

  • Tanzil Shahria, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Sabrina Rabbi, Mohammad Monirujjaman Khan. "Underwater Research and Rescue Robot" Proceedings of 3rd IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies- (ICECCT), Kerala, India, 2019 Find out more.

  • Hasib Zunair, Wordh Ul Hasan, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Muhammad Irfanul Haque, Soumic Shekhar Aoyon. "Design and Implementation of an IOT based Monitoring System for Inland Vessels using Multiple Sensors Network" Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Smart Sensors and Applications- (ICSSA), Kuching, Malaysia, 2018. Find out more.


  • Kimia Tuz Zaman, Tamanna Motahar. “Exploring the Health Challenges among the Women of Marginalized Rohingya Community in Bangladesh”,ACM Student Research Contest at Grace Hopper Celebration, Orlando, USA, 2019.

  • Tamanna Motahar, Kimia Tuz Zaman, Sakif Md. Fahim, Ashraful Karim Ishrak, Nova Ahmed. et al., "Towards Designing Mental Health Solution for Female Rohingya Refugees" Human-Computer Interaction Across Borders (HCIXB- CHI2019), Glasgow, UK, 2019.


  • Nova Ahmed, Rahat Jahangir Rony , Kimia Tuz Zaman. “DESIGN THINKING AROUND COVID-19: FOCUSING ON THE GARMENT WORKERS OF BANGLADESH”, IX Interactions, ACM 2020. Read blog.

Academic and Community Services

  • Served as a Proctor in IEEEXtreme 14.0

  • Mentoring self-motivated Undergrad Student Research Groups in IoT and HCI research projects; Current group members- Rubaiya Masnun, Zishan Uddin Abir, Mobashira Shifa, Moshiur Rahman Faisal, Fahim Istiak. Past Group members- Monsur Hillas, Abdullah Al Mahfuj Shaan, Khan Afnan Rahad

  • Organized a number of academic Workshops and competitions in Robotics, Programming, research paper writing etc. at North South University

  • Working to support the Banglaadeshi Garment Workers

  • Designed and developed interactive remote health monitoring technology for Rohingya Refugees 2018- 2019

  • Volunteered at IEEE WIE International leadership Summit, Dhaka 2018

  • Served as Organizing Chair in IEEE SPAC 2018

  • Served as an Ambassador in IEEEXtreme 12.0

  • Served as the Ambassador Lead and Host Branch Chair of IEEE Bangladesh Section Student- Young Professional and Women in Engineering Congress 2017

  • Volunteered in the Student Session of IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Conference 2017 Served as an Ambassador of IEEE Day 2017

  • Helped organizing IEEE R10 SAC Technology Awareness Programme (TAP)

  • Took initiative of forming the very first Women Organization- IEEE WIE Affinity Group in North South University 2016

  • Served as an organizing committee member of 1st National Earth Carnival 2016

  • Volunteered at ICCIT: International Conference on Computer and Information Technology 2016

  • Volunteered at Women in Engineering Conference- WIECON- ECE 2015

  • Volunteered for Jaago Foundation 2015

  • Served as an organizing committee member of 1st National Language Fiesta 2015

Instructed Workshops

  • Workshop on Microsoft Tools Organized by, IEEE NSU Student Branch.

  • Workshop on Graphic Designing Organized by, Women in Engineering Affinity Group of IEEE NSU Student Branch.

  • Workshop on Basic Graphic Designing Tools- Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign and Adobe Photoshop Organized by IEEE NSU Student Branch

Invited Talks, Presentations and Posters

  • Invited Speaker at "Spread The Sparkle: A Journey from NSU to NDSU"

  • Invited Speaker at Ada Lovelace Celebration 2020

  • Presented paper in IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON) 2019

  • Presented a poster on Health Crisis among Rohingya Refugees at Grace Hopper Celebration(GHC) 2019.

  • Presented paper in 6th International Conference on Smart Instrumentation, Measurement and Application (ICSIMA) 2019

  • Presented poster on IOT based system design towards preventing question paper leakage inBangladesh at ACM SIGCHI Summer School, Dhaka 2019.

Volunteering Experiences in Executive Positions

  • Chair, IEEE NSU Student Branch 2017- 2018

  • Event- Coordinator, Student Activities Committee- IEEE Bangladesh Section, 2018

  • Founding Chair, Women in Engineering Affinity Group, IEEE NSU Student Branch 2016- 2017

  • Graphic Designer, Student Activities Committee- IEEE Bangladesh Section, 2017

  • Vice President, Vice President , Viqarunnisa Noon Earth Club, 2015 - 2016

  • Vice President , Viqarunnisa Noon English Language Club, 2014 - 2015

  • Executive and Coordinator, Viqarunnisa Noon English Language Club, 2013

Achievements, Awards, and Recognitions

  • ACM Student Research Travel Grant for Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) 2019

  • Conference Travel Grant for IEEE Region 10 Conference TENCON 2019

  • IEEE Bangladesh Section Travel Grant for IEEE R10 SYWL Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 2018

  • Runners Up in Student Branch Activity Poster Presentation at IEEE Region 10 SYWL Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 2018

  • Awarded Best Student Volunteer (Hon. Mention)- IEEE Bangladesh Section 2017

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